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Bathroom remodels are some of the most popular remodeling projects, and for good reason. They are almost guaranteed to add value to a home, which is always a good thing. Choosing the right materials is one of the things that can make a huge difference in the quality of the end result and the value the remodel adds to the property. As such, it’s important to never install certain types of flooring in the bathroom.


When you walk into your bathroom, how do you want it to smell? If the answer isn’t musty or moldy, carpet is absolutely not the type of flooring you should have in your bathroom. It’s a lot harder to keep carpet clean than other options, and it’s going to collect and hold onto moisture better than virtually anything else. Between the heat and constant damp, carpet will quickly become ruined and the perfect place for mold growth to run rampant.


While stunning, solid hardwood isn’t much better than carpet when it comes to standing up to water. It doesn’t necessarily hold water quite the same way carpet does, but it’s still quite problematic. If hardwood floors are exposed to water frequently, in enough quantities, or for long enough, it will warp and crack. Engineered wood holds up a little better, but even that isn’t really a good option for a bathroom.


If you’ve noticed that water damage appears to be a common theme with these flooring options, you’re correct. Glued laminate tends to hold up a bit better since the glue helps prevent water from getting between the tiles and causing damage. Other laminate locks into place rather than being glued into place. This type of laminate is absolutely a bad choice for a bathroom. The seams between the pieces of laminate will allow water to seep between them. This can warp and blister the layer of flooring underneath the laminate.

Time and place matter when it comes to choosing floorings and where they go. While carpet, hardwood, and laminate can have a place in many homes, they should never be installed in the bathroom. As you consider your options, make sure you choose a type of flooring that is going to hold up well against the moisture that is all too common there.

While the aforementioned floorings aren’t good for bathrooms, vinyl certainly can be. Check out our collection of Vinyl Flooring to find your perfect bathroom flooring.

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