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Having kids has a way of changing just about every aspect of your life. Nothing is the same afterward, no matter how much some people might want to think differently. One of the better things you can do to make life simpler is to find ways to make your home more kid-friendly. So what are some kid-friendly flooring options?


Carpet is one flooring material that has been loved by children and families for ages. It’s soft underfoot, comfortable to play on, and many of today’s carpets are tough enough to stand up to constant traffic. Sure, it may be harder to get stains out of, but it’s hard to beat the softness of carpet if you have children that are prone to roughhousing (let’s be honest, what child isn’t?). Besides, you can always opt for carpet squares which can be swapped out for clean ones relatively easily if you can’t get something out. It comes in a ton of different textures and colors too, so you should be able to find something that fits well with your home.

Luxury Vinyl

Durability and the capacity to stand up to water is a must when you have children. That’s why luxury vinyl can be one of the best kid-friendly floors out there. It’s softer than hardwood, quieter, and less expensive to boot, all while being able to mimic the appearance of hardwood. It’s also pretty easy to maintain and keep clean. Just sweep it regularly and give it a good mopping on occasion.

Area Rugs

Do you just love hardwood but don’t care so much for being down on your hands and knees on it all the time to play with children? Who can blame you, really? Hardwood may look beautiful, but it certainly isn’t soft. Enter the area rug. Area rugs can be a great way to blend the beauty of harder surfaces like hardwood with some softness that can be a welcome relief for your poor knees. Beyond that, any little ones you have may find the change in texture intriguing, making them a fun exploratory experience. Just make sure you secure them on the bottom so they don’t slip out from under you or your little ones.


Having kid-friendly flooring can mean different things depending on the home and family. Some of the biggest concerns for families with kids are maintenance, cleaning, and comfort. If you have flooring in your home that just doesn’t seem to be working out for you and your kids, consider swapping it out for one of these more kid-friendly flooring options.

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