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From concrete to hardwood, there are a ton of options for interior flooring, though some are more popular than others. Recently, one of the flooring options that seems to be enjoying a rise in popularity is vinyl. But what’s so special about it that’s making it so popular these days?

An Attractive Appearance

One of the strongest points in favor of vinyl flooring is its ability to mimic the look of higher end flooring options like hardwood, natural stone, and tile. This makes vinyl an incredibly versatile flooring material when it comes to its appearance. There is a certain quality to the feeling of vinyl floors that give away the fact that it isn’t actually the material it’s mimicking, but overall the mimicry of the textures and patterns gives it a rather convincing appearance. If you’re going for a tiled look, you can even add grout in between to further the illusion.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl can be especially attractive for busy households because it tends to be fairly easy to clean. It’s waterproof in addition to being resistant to stains. Vinyl floors should be swept or vacuumed on a weekly basis. If it needs mopping, warm water may be enough to handle cleanup. For tougher messes, warm water coupled with a mild detergent for the type of vinyl and surface treatment you have should do the trick. Just make sure you rinse it well afterwards or you may find that you’ve left behind some soap residue. Avoid using strong detergents, bleaches, or abrasive cleaners or pads to avoid damaging the vinyl.

Good Value

Part of why vinyl’s ability to mimic other materials is so awesome is because those other materials tend to be fairly expensive in comparison. Vinyl offers good value for its appearance. It can last anywhere from 5-25 years. If it’s installed and maintained properly, and it’s good quality, you should find it lasts towards the longer end of the scale. The attractive look and longevity combined with the price can make vinyl a flooring option that offers some real value for your money.

As it turns out, there are a few pretty good reasons why vinyl flooring is so popular these days. Its ability to be designed to reflect some of the higher end flooring options, low-key maintenance needs, and the value it offers are all attractive points in its favor. For best results, choose high quality vinyl that will hold up better and longer to heavier use.

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