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Hardwood floors are quite popular with homeowners, investors, and house flippers alike. It’s all for good reason too. Hardwood floors have the potential to increase the value of a home, to say nothing of the stunning appearance they can present. Of course, hardwood is better in some rooms than others. So which ones are the best for hardwood?

Home Office

How do you feel when you think about your home office? What sort of environment have you cultivated? Most of us work best when we have clean spaces that are orderly. Hardwood floors offer clean, smooth lines that may help you feel more focused and inspired. They can be sleek, allowing you to create an environment that looks more professional than other types of flooring might allow. It’s also easy enough to maintain if you take good care of it, which means less time on maintenance and more time productively spent.

Master Bedroom

If you have a dust allergy, a carpeted master bedroom may be the last thing you want. Carpet fibers have a way of trapping dust and don’t always let it go, even with a good vacuuming. By comparison, hardwood floors are far easier to keep dust free. Your bedroom is meant to be a place of comfort and refuge. Hardwood flooring may be the perfect option to achieve that, especially when paired with comfortable, easy-to-clean area rugs.

Living Room

The living room could very well rank at the top of the list of best rooms for hardwood floors in a home. As the room where most hosting tends to take place, it’s a room where you want to balance comfort and the amount of work that goes into maintaining it with style. Hardwood floors can be striking and provide a great foundation from which to furnish and style your living room. Just make sure to put felt pads on the bottom of any furniture to avoid scratching the floor.

It’s always best to think carefully about the purpose of the room and how the flooring in it works to that end before finalizing any plans. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms generally aren’t good places for hardwood floors, but a home office, master bedroom, and living room can be perfect! Enjoy the beauty a hardwood floor has to offer, as well as the value they add to your home when you put them in the right rooms of your house.

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