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Have you given much thought to the floor under your feet lately? Odds are that if you have, there’s something wrong with it. It’s not generally the sort of thing people tend to notice otherwise. If you’re getting ready to choose new flooring, it’s important to start by knowing what you should be looking for.


It can be hard to imagine a floor not being safe (assuming it’s in decent condition), but the truth is that even floors that look perfect may not be entirely safe. Some floors contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are a perfect example of things that are natural but not necessarily healthy, since they are a natural occurrence in multiple building materials. For safety’s sake, make sure that both your chosen flooring and whatever adhesive is used to secure it will be healthy for you to be around. Checking the safety ratings is a must.


If you’ve fallen in love with a specific type of flooring, it can be tough to give up on it. The challenge comes when your favorite flooring proves to be unsuitable for your living circumstances. Some households need more durable flooring. Others should prioritize traction to prevent slips and falls. Some benefit most from low-maintenance flooring. Carefully consider your lifestyle and what daily life in your home is like. Let that guide you to flooring materials that will be suitable for your home.


Once you’ve figured out what options are safe and suitable, the way it looks is the next thing to work on. The good news is that virtually every flooring option offers a variety of looks, textures, and colors. Some, like luxury vinyl, even do a decent job of mimicking the look and texture of more expensive options like hardwood, stone, or ceramic tiles. Consider the appearance of your chosen material and whether or not something lighter or something darker would look best in your home.

You rely on your flooring more than you might give it credit for unless you give it some thought. Not all floors are created equal though. Any floor you have should be chosen with safety, suitability, and its appearance in mind. Ultimately, the final decision for your new flooring rests with you. For the sake of your home, and everyone in it, make sure you do your research before settling.

Safety should be at the front of your mind. Our floors are Floorscore Certified so you can feel good about whichever flooring you choose.

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